Health care services

Most health care services in Norway are free. The municipalities are responsible for providing reasonable, high-quality health care and social services to everyone in need of them, regardless of age or diagnosis. The emergency room (legevakt) / hospitals provide the public with emergency health care and specialised treatment.

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Children and young people's health

The parents have the main responsibility for making sure that children and young people are in good health. The municipality runs health programmes from "the health station" - helsestasjonen.

The people at the health station know a lot about children's health. There are various specialists at the health station, e.g. midwife, public health service nurse, doctor.

As a parent, you will be asked to come to the health station for the sake of your child. As a mother or father, it is expected that you bring your child to compulsory examinations or consultations to make sure the child's health is good.

The General Practitioner (GP) scheme

Everyone who wishes to do so, may have a regular GP. The majority of people who reside in Norway are entitled to a regular GP.

​The following groups are entitled to a regular GP:

  • Any person with an address registered in the Norwegian National Registry.
  • Asylum seekers who have been assigned a D-number.
  • NATO personnel who have been assigned a D-number and their families.

You may change your regular GP twice per calendar year. You are free to choose between regular GPs who have available capacity. It is not possible to be placed on a waiting list for a regular GP with a full list of patients.

Nursing home

Re kommune have one nursing home, called Re helsehus. The nursing home have day centres for the elderly, and offer short-term and long-term care for the elderly. Contact the municipality for more information and application forms. Fees for services at the nursing home is adjusted once a year.

Hospital treatment

You have the right to chose in which hospital you would like to recieve your health services. The hospital closest to Re is located in Tønsberg.

  • You will find more information about the hospital in Tønsberg on these web page's:













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