Family, children and young people

The municipality are responsible for providing various services related to families, children and young people.

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There are public and private kindergartens in Re. If you have children in the relevant age group for kindergarten (0-6 years) you may apply for admission. The main admission is by the end of January every year, but we will accept applications throughout the year. The kindergarten fees are adjusted once a year.


Compulsory schooling in Norway is ten years and children start school at the age of six. The municipalities are responsible for running primary and lower secondary schools (the compulsory years), while county authorities are responsible for upper secondary schools (3 years - voluntary schooling). Primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schooling is free.

Day-care and after school activities

All municipalities in Norway have been legally obliged to provide day-care facilities before and after school hours for children attending the first four grades. If you would like day-care services for your child you must submit an application to the municipality where your child attends school. The fees for day-care services are adjusted once a year.

Sports, and other after school activities are not a municipal responsibility.


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